I found this photo on Pinterest, but when going to the website, there wasn’t an actual recipe. So I decided to try it based on the photos and see how it went. Here are the things I used:



3 large chicken breasts
1 box Stove Top chicken stuffing
1 can cream of chicken
12 oz. fat free sour cream
1 bag of frozen cut green beans
About 1 cup of chicken broth


I layered everything according to the pictures and put it on high in my slow cooker for about 4 hours. Here is what I found out. The stuffing created a coating on the chicken and the tops of the breasts didn’t cook well – so I had to turn them about 3 hours into cooking. The stuffing didn’t absorb any liquid so it was still dry, so I mixed it with the soup/sour cream and green bean mixture at the same time that I turned the chicken breasts. I also put about 1/4″ of chicken broth at the bottom of the crock pot so that there was some liquid. I found that the chicken was dry even after only 4 hours. So…this definitely needs to be tweaked. I’m thinking of a way to coat the chicken so that it doesn’t get dry – maybe cream of chicken over top of that first and then mix the stuffing with chicken broth so that it doesn’t get dried out. Either way, I haven’t given up on this yet, I just need to work with it a bit! If you have suggestions, let me know!

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