Ever since Facebook announced that they were launching their ‘support’ of hashtags, I thought it was an awful idea. Sure, sure, Twitter is getting bigger and bigger – so let’s follow their footsteps. BUT, we won’t offer everything that Twitter offers. (For those of you who just don’t get hashtags – it basically means that if you include a (#) in front of a ‘keyword’, it links in your status and people can click on that link to view a public stream of everyone that has used that hashtag. For example #tbt or #throwbackthursday is very popular right now. You must not use spaces though, otherwise it will not work.)

What bothers me about this, besides the fact that Facebook is just following the pack, is that there is absolutely NO documentation out there helping developers out when it comes to embedding these streams anywhere. If I want to, I can embed any hashtag stream from Twitter, but yet, I can’t from Facebook. So if I’m running a campaign for a specific hashtag – do I only target my Twitter audience?? I’m guessing Facebook just needs to get on top of this and get an API developed but at this point, it’s frustrating! If you’re going to jump on the bandwagon of hashtags, you better be able to support it, and at this point – Facebook is one giant disappointment.

/End Rant

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