It’s been quite a year for me so far. I’ve learned a lot of things and so much has changed. Since my last post I have been busy working on a few sites and helping some clients out with social media networking. During that process I finished up my Web Design diploma at MATC and now just have to go through the graduation process. To walk or not to walk? What do you do when you have already done it before?

Also since then, I applied for this job that I didn’t think I was going to get. I applied in May and in June heard back from them and after several…and I mean SEVERAL interviews…here I am…the new Web Coordinator at MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering). How exciting and scary! Never did I think that I would find a job so quickly after finishing the program. After having years and years after Edgewood College and not finding the right job, I never saw this coming. So as of 8/9/10 this is now my career…my career, I’ve waited so long to say that. My dad just said to me over the weekend that there are so many people my age who look at him and say ‘why don’t I have all of that?’ Meaning: why don’t I have a house, nice cars, dependable job, etc. etc….things ‘going’ for them. And at one point I would have said the same. But what he said to me really hit home. He said, “At your age, I didn’t have these things, I had to work hard to get to where I am today and I wished for all the same things. But people your age sometimes forget that they have to work hard. They think that it’s their right to have these things, that they should be just given to them.” And how true that is…my dad – what a guy 🙂

So – now I have my career, I literally picked up my brand new car last night and next month I get to go to Hawaii…I’m at a loss for words right now. I feel so blessed and I really can’t think of anything in this world that could make me happier. My thought for today…work hard because it will pay off in the end. Don’t ever become complacent. Continue to challenge yourself and try new things. And the most important thing of all…no matter what happens…enjoy your life! Cheers! 🙂

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