It’s a vicious world out there…between those Mac vs. PC people 🙂 I love my Mac…but I work mostly on a PC. Not by choice, but because I am provided with a PC for work and it’s a laptop so I can actually take it with me places, unlike my Mac at home. I would have purchased a Macbook but I refuse to pay an extra $1,000+ just to have a laptop. I really have no problems with designing on either to tell you the truth, I’m pretty fluent in both, but I do hate that PCs are so prone to viruses, etc.  I receive the Graphic Design USA newsletter and today there was a short little blurb on there about Mac vs. PC so I have decided to share it!

“Like zombies or birthers, Mac v. PC debates pop up just when you think they’re buried forever. A new one, instigated by the social media site Hunch, focuses less on technological differences than about what owning one or the other says about the users. The stereotype, of course, is that Mac people are hipper than their PC brethren and the new Hunch poll fleshes out the generalization. Among the findings: Mac users are younger, more liberal, more urban, more iconoclastic, are bigger partiers, prefer chic over casual, hummus over hamburgers, indies over Hollywood, Vespas over Harleys, and HuffPost over One area where Mac and PC types agree? Both groups say that fighting over the relative merits of the operating systems, long the bread and butter of tech blogs and trade pubs, has become pointless and/or tedious. Amen to that.”

– Gordon Kaye

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