So today is here – FINALLY! I thought it would never get here! This semester has been very strange and stressful, even though I only had 1 class! I of course procrastinated and had a lot of homework to catch up on at the end, but I did it. All assignments were turned in and I received a 100 on all projects including my final project! So this week has been crazy, very little sleep and a ton of stress. I also had a very large project due for work. Something that I can actually be proud of – a Flash video slideshow for our Holiday Message at MSOE. I graduated from MATC – it was a very interesting ceremony but Paul Bartolotta was the guest speaker and he was awesome! I was the second to last person to walk across the stage so I had a looooong wait. Rhiannon and Jeff attended along with Katie as well – it was nice to have some friends there to see my accomplishments. My dad got to watch me walk across the stage because of a live broadcast on the MATC website. So in closing of 2010 – Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, however you want to say it – may 2011 be blessed with many opportunities and lots of love!

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