Today I checked out my very first one day course through UWM. I never thought that I would be a fan of a one day course but I actually really enjoyed it! I always thought, “How can they get that much information to you in just one day???” We had a great instructor – Scott Lovy – who has worked with SEO for a while now and he was just awesome. It’s funny that I have taken classes that have lasted a full semester and I didn’t learn as much as I did today. The whole time that I have been back in school for the web design diploma, I felt as though I was missing something. A lot of classes would teach us about something but they wouldn’t actually have us DO it. There is a big step in creating a website that no one ever taught, and that was how to purchase a domain name and how to host it and then what to do next. In my eyes, these are the types of things that those classes should have taught. This class however, taught us the basics of tracking website stats with Google Analytics, Pay Per Click Ads (or Google AdWords), Google page ranking, and overall SEO strategies. The best part about it was that Scott actually walked us through a live account and showed us step by step how to do these things. I walked away from this class feeling great about SEO – whereas before I would shy away from it. I also walked away with a great feeling about these one day courses. I literally would take any class that Scott teaches just because he was so great. I’m so excited to start working on SEO on my site and my client’s sites!